Fabrikolor A Socio - Cultural Movement.


Ethical eco-friendly clothing handcrafted by women artisans.


What We Do

We find and help low-income and marginalised women in our neighbourhood to make them self sufficient by providing them free learning and earning opportunities.

These women learn different vocational and social skills to create exquisite handcrafted organic garments and achieve an improved standard of living in the society alongside being financially independent.

We use different herbs and plant material to  extract natural textile dye.

We use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% Organic Cotton fabric produced by organic farming communities in the state of Maharashtra, India.

We are advancing the voices and participation of marginalised women in our society through our work.

We are strengthening the foundation of  a sustainable Eco-system.

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About Us

Social challenges like marginalisation, gender inequality, exploitation and environment degradation still exists. As a society, we have always turned a blind-eye towards these issues because we may not know how these affect us. Sometimes these challenges provides new opportunities for changemakers to come forward and create an impact.


fabriKolor is a for-profit social enterprise start-up based in Pune, India. A socio-cultural movement to support women empowerment, sustainable community development, poverty alleviation and environment protection.


We work with different low-income and marginalised women artisans to produce naturally dyed organic clothing using Artistic Expression.


fabriKolor brings different marginalised communities together for a collective effort to change the way our society looks at social issues.


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